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Pre-Cooked Pasta Products

Storage Instructions

Items Purchased For Pick-Up or at a Retailer

This product can either be cooked from a frozen or defrosted state. Therefore, we recommend storage in either your Freezer or Refrigerator. If you wish to defrost the product prior to preparation, we recommend to allow it to defrost in your Refrigerator for approximately 24 hours prior to the time of cooking. Once defrosted, the product cannot be frozen again, and you have approximately three days to prepare the item for optimal results once defrosted. 

Items Purchased for Nationwide Shipping

This product was shipped frozen and may have defrosted during transit to its destination. It may not be frozen again. This item must be stored in your Refrigerator. You have approximately three days from the date of the arrival to prepare the item for optimal results. 

Cooking Instructions

When preparing this item, you must remember that it is a Pre-Cooked Pasta Product. You are simply slightly finishing the cooking process and bringing the product to an enjoyable temperature for serving. 

1.) Bring a medium to large pot of water to boil. Add salt to the water for flavor, if desired. 

2.) Once the water is at a complete boil, add the Pasta Product into the water, stirring consistently to prevent sticking of the product. Do not add the Pasta Product into the water prior to the water coming to a complete boil. 

3.) Once the product has been in the water for approximately thirty seconds, you can stop consistently stirring and move to stirring the product every one to two minutes. 

4.) Allow the product to cook for two to three minutes. The Pasta Product should mostly be floating to the top of the water when the product is fully cooked. 

5.) Once the product is done, drain into a strainer or calender and rinse with cold water to prevent sticking. 

6.) Your Pasta is ready to be finished for your meal by adding sauce, sautéing with items, and much more!

Some Tips & Tricks

1.) Consider saving some of the water that you cooked the pasta in right before you drain the pot for use in your sauces and much more for a flavorful addition!

Want Some Recipes?

We have a listing of recipes on our website that can be used for easy and quick meals with our products. Take a look by clicking the button below!

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