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Let Us Help Your Organization Raise Money!

Do you want an easy, low-effort fundraiser for your Non-Profit Organization? Look no further than Scaffidi's @ Home! 

How Does It Work?

1.) Apply for the Scaffidi's @ Home Non-Profit Program. All you need is your name, contact information, Non-Profit EIN Number, and logo!

2.) Once approved, Scaffidi's @ Home will develop your Fundraising Promotion Package to provide materials to advertise on your Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Website, Flyers, and much more!

3.) Shoppers will shop online at during your Fundraising Time Period. While shopping, they will select your organization as the Charitable Organization to benefit from the sale. 

4.) Your supporters finish their sale, the items get shipped directly to them, and they enjoy!

5.) Once the Sale Time Period is over, Scaffidi's @ Home will develop your donation amount and will mail you a check!


What's the percentage that is donated to my organization? 

15% of sales that are attributed to your supporters will be donated back to your organization. This does not include purchases of Gift Cards or Shipping Charges. Please see more information below regarding how your supporters indicate their support of your Organization. 

What work do I need to do? 

Literally, not much. Your sale is only as successful as you make it. The more that you market your Fundraising Program to your supporters, the more successful you will be. Simply share information about the sale on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, your E-Mail Newsletter, your website, in your bulletin, and so much more. We ship the product directly to your supporters, handle the payment processing, and everything else related to the process!

Who qualifies as a Non-Profit Organization? 

Scaffidi's @ Home recognizes any 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that has been recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit Organization. This can be a Community Charitable Organization, School, or Religious Organization. 

If I am not a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, can I still apply? 

Unfortunately, no. Scaffidi's @ Home can only provide contributions as a part of its Fundraising Program to registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations that have a valid, EIN number that is considered in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service. 

How long does it normally take for our Fundraising Program to go live? 

Once you apply, it can take up to seven (7) days to be approved by the Scaffidi's @ Home Team. Once approved, it can take up to seven (7) days for the Fundraising Promotion Materials to be produced for your organization. Once the Fundraising Promotion Materials have been sent to you, your fundraiser will start no sooner than seven (7) days later in order to provide you with adequate time to begin your Promotional Plan. Even though it may start no sooner than seven (7) days after your receive the materials, it may take longer for your fundraiser to begin as only so many concurrent Fundraising Programs can run at one time within our system. 


How long does my Fundraising Program run?

Once live, your Fundraising program will run for fourteen (14) calendar days.  

What is included in the Fundraising Promotion Materials? 

Scaffidi's @ Home will provide you with Scaffidi's @ Home branded materials including graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Flyers, E-Mail Marketing as well as language to use within these different mediums of sharing information. These materials will include the Scaffidi's @ Home branding as well as your logo. You have rights to utilize these materials from the time in which you receive them up until seven (7) days after your Fundraising program has ended. 

How do I receive my contribution? 

Scaffidi's @ Home, upon the end of your Fundraising Program, will calculate the sales that can be attributed to your Fundraising Program. This can take up to seven (7) calendar days after your Fundraising Program has ended. Once the calculation is complete, you will receive a breakdown on the number of orders, the amount spent, and the contribution that will be received. You will then be mailed a check upon the development of your contribution amount. It will arrive in the normal course of flow with the United States Postal Service. 

Do you share information with me about who ordered?

You will only receive information about the number of orders placed, the amount spent, and the amount that will be contributed to your organization. We take Customer Privacy very seriously and will NEVER share the names, addresses, or contact information of our customers with you or anyone else. While we understand that they are shopping in support of your organization, our Privacy Policy does not allow for the sharing of any information pertaining to customers under any circumstances. 

Can we do it again one our Fundraising Program is over? 

Yes! If you would like to run another Fundraising program with Scaffidi's @ Home, we ask that you reapply. In our normal operations, we allow a Non-Profit Organization to run a Fundraising program every six (6) calendar months. This not only allows us to service other great Non-Profit Organizations, but also to ensure that you maximize the amount of supporters that shop each time. 

How do my supporters indicate that they are supporting my organization when shopping? 

On each item listed on Scaffidi's @ Home, there is a box that customers can select any of the current Non-Profit Organizations that are running Fundraising programs with us at that given time. As long as the customer selects that field on at least ONE item, the whole sale will be attributed to your organization. If your supporter does NOT select that on any of the items, unfortunately, we cannot attribute that sale to your organization. 

What are the exclusions in this Fundraising Program? 

Customers cannot use any Promo Codes with their order. If a customer should use a Promo Code with their order, your Contribution Rate will be diminished to whatever the difference is between the Promo Code and the Contribution Rate, if there is any. This will not apply to sales of Gift Cards. If the Customer should purchase a Subscription Item, your organization will only receive the Contribution Rate for the first Subscription Payment.

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