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  • Since 2009, the Scaffidi Family has been bringing the people of the Ohio Valley Premium Homemade Italian Cuisine through its various operations.
  • Our Cannoli Chips & Dip Kit comes with a large container (to serve up to 8 people) of Handmade Cannoli Chips plus a 1.5 LB Piping Bag of Chocolate Chip Cannoli Cream. The items are packaged separately so that you can prepare them on your schedule for your upcoming meal or event!


  • This item ships frozen with Ice Packs and will defrost in transit prior to arrival.


  • To serve, the Cannoli Cream must be defrosted for up to 24 hours prior to use in your Refrigerator. Simply place the Cannoli Chips on whatever Serving Platter you desire and add the Cannoli Cream in the middle for dipping!


  • Upon arrival, this item must be stored in your Refrigerator. It is not recommended to refreeze the item as it may cause freezer burn. It is recommended to use the item no more than one week after its arrival. All of the Cannoli Cream must be used after opening the bag and cannot be stored opened.

Cannoli Chips & Dip Kit

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